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How Do You Know You Are Feeling Better?

You can measure the progress you have made in adjusting to your loss by identifying certain feelings and behaviors which have appeared as you feel better. Complete the following statements to discover those areas in which you have progressed.

Iíll always remember the happy/funny time

I have made the following decisions during the past month:

I have discovered the following capabilities in myself that I never knew I had:

This has been a tragic experience, but I have changed and grown because of it. I have learned

I have become

I now feel like I have regained some control in these areas of my life:

I feel hopeful about

I am making these plans for my future:

My loved one has died. Although I believe that relationships never die and that my love for the person I lost will go on forever, I can now release him/her and can say good-bye.

Supports In My Life

Take time to think about those people, groups, and activities in your life which are important to you and help to give meaning to your life.

People Who Are Close To Me

  • Family members:
  • Relatives:
  • Friends:
  • Neighbors:
  • Teachers/Counselors:
  • Clergy:
  • Colleagues:
  • Pets:
  • Others:

Clubs or Groups

  • Educational Activities:
  • Church Groups:
  • Job/Work:
  • Athletic Activities:
  • Arts and Crafts or Music Groups:
  • Others:

My Favorite Belongings (a special picture, ring or other memento)

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