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How To Be A Supportive Caregiver is a lengthy brochure containing the steps you can take to be an effective caregiver.

Keeping WatchReadings, prayers and spiritual resources for those keeping vigil and giving care.

Saying Good-bye: Letting go is one of the most powerful expressions of faith and one of the greatest parting gifts you can offer your dying loved one.

Coping with Caretaker Anxiety: When you work as a caretaker you may experience unusual stress and anxiety. Find coping strategies that work for you.

CaregiverPreparing For Approaching Death explains the natural way in which the body prepares itself to stop, and the most appropriate kinds of responses.

The Family and Medical Leave Act provides up to 12 weeks of unpaid, job protected leave to “eligible” employees for certain family and medical reasons.

Choosing How to End: Our last days are an opportunity to learn life’s last and most powerful lesson: That there is nothing to fear.

Hard Choices for Loving People introduces those who are making medical care decisions for a patient to the wide range of what is acceptable from legal, ethical, moral and medical points of view.

Managing Your Persistent Fears and Anxieties

Helping a Friend Who Is Dying will guide you in ways to help your friend - and yourself - during the last days of his life.

Hiring In-home Help: With some foresight and careful planning, it is possible for the caregiver to locate the right person for the job.

Care giving and Cognitive Impairments examines common problems, situations and strategies in caring for an adult with a cognitive impairment.

When a Coworker Is Sick or Dying Serious illness and death can shock us in a workplace. What can you do if someone you work with is seriously ill, or dies?

The Caregiver’s Journey: Imagine helping a friend on a journey to a remote monastery perched on top of a mountain...

Handbook for Mortals: An online edition of a consumer guide to end-of-life care.

Internet Link

Terminal Illness: A comprehensive collection of articles focused on coping with a terminal illness as a patient, family member or friend. If you only visit one other site, this is the one to choose. The site is based in the United Kingdom and some references will not apply to the United States.

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