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Ideas For Writing

You may find it helpful to “sort out” your thoughts about your loved one by writing a letter to the person who died.

The things that are bothering you the most are excellent ideas to journal about. It helps connect you to the messages coming from your heart.

Express your thoughts and feelings about:

  • A special memory that I have about you…
  • What I miss the most about you and our relationship…
  • What I wish I had said or had not said…
  • What I’d like to ask you…
  • What I wish we’d done or had not done…
  • What I have had the hardest time dealing with…
  • Ways in which you will continue to live on in me…
  • Special ways I have for keeping my memories of you alive…

Choose one or several ideas that are important to you or start at the top of the list and work your way down. These topics may help you come up with ideas specific to your situation and relationship.

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